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Johnny Rotten - Boxed Mug

Johnny Rotten - Boxed Mug


Image is tripled perfect for left or right handed drinkers!


Wycombe Rhino Coated Mug in a Durham shape.

Earthenware Mug

10oz - 11oz (approx)

92mm high. Holds approx 350ml if filled to the brim, 330ml on a normal drink.


Mugs are created using a process known as sublimation. Sublimation ink is a special dye-based ink, that under heat and pressure, transforms from a solid state to a gaseous state immediately and bonds with a polymer coating on the mug which creates a permanent image.


The Rhino Coating is, we believe, the best non-dishwasherproof* surface into which we can print by sublimation. (* while the print is pretty robust in the dishwasher, fading very much depends on the hardness of the water, salt content, temperature and regularity of washing.)


Eco Credentials


No wet ink to go into rivers and all paper recycled. Printed in Herefordshire

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