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Stevelilart Portrait Artist
 Talking Pictures TV Official Artist              Dad's Army Museum Artist In Residence




I recently visited Bressingham and something caught my eye on a stand. It was a stunning portrait of James Finlayson that fine comic actor from the Laurel and Hardy movies. I then noticed several equally impressive drawings of Stan and Ollie, my comedy heroes. Now I was blown away not only by the brilliance of the artist but the choice of subject. But here's when it starts getting really good....... As I looked around further at Steve's stall and the various merchandise displaying his talents.....I came across an eerily uncanny portrait of Bill Pertwee MBE, Warden Hodges from Dad's Army. Now this one was really good......I should know - he was my Father. I thanked Steve for the brilliant drawing of Dad, slightly emotional seeing your 'old man' represented so well.

And to put the icing on the cake I even gave my wife a fridge magnet of her idol Morrissey.....another stunning representation. Thank you Steve, I'm in her good books again.!!

Jonathan Pertwee

Hi Steve, the print arrived safely and is extraordinarily good; it was one of those all too rare wow moments when I unrolled it, and the image makes me smile each time I look at it. You have captured Eric and Ernie so very well......Robin McIntyre

"I think your work is quite excellent. Congratulations." David Croft OBE, co-creator of Dad's Army

"I think your work is amazing and the word "genius" somehow comes to mind! I have dabbled in caricature myself and did the artwork for the studio tickets for Hi-De-Hi and Oh. Dr. Beeching a few years back but can't hold a candle to your stuff!"  Jeffery Holland, Spike from Hi, De, Hi amongst numerous other roles

"We love working with Steve! Apart from the fact that his work is sublime-certainly the best pencil drawings of the Dad's Army cast that we have ever seen, he is a genuinely lovely guy, who still gets embarrassed when we tell him how wonderful his work is. We have formed a brilliant working relationship with Steve and class him as very much part of our very successful team." Corinne Fulford, Charles Burrell & Dad's Army Museums

"Thank you again for sharing your wonderful work with me." Sara Karloff (daughter of Boris)

"Each portrait is remarkable not only for the artistic skill involved, but also for how it manages to capture so perfectly the expressions and mannerisms which bring each character to life" Jacqui Gray (The Journal) 

Prints have arrived safely. They are absolutely stunning! I hadn't told my hubby that I'd bought them and he was gobsmacked when he saw them. We honestly couldn't be happier with them. I am a huge Morecambe and Wise fan and struggle to find any items of the duo but the print of them is my absolute new favourite thing. The Laurel and Hardy print just makes me smile every time I look at it. You have an amazing talent. 


a recommendation from a friend I contacted Steve. We met up and I gave him some photos of my dogs. The one dog had died over 13 years ago, so the photos were not as clear as modern photos, my other dog didn't like having his photo took, so Steve worked from a couple of photos. The finished drawings are absolutely remarkable, he has managed to captur the essence of my dogs, the expressions are so them! I would not have any reservations about recommending Steve to anybody." Charmayne McAloon (Birmingham, UK)

" I think you will leave a legacy, these are stunning, really, really good" Loyd Williams, Radio BBC WM

"I can't believe how lifelike you have made them. There was one of a Cocker Spaniel that I seriously had to keep reminding myself was a drawing rather than a photo. The portraits of the TV and film stars are absolutely incredible. You've definitely got a talent there." Racheal Taylor, News Editor, NEC Spring Fair

" I must thank you sincerely for your wonderful and beautifully exquisite rendering of Sharon Den Adel (Within Temptation) via our mutual friend Lloyd - birthday's don't come any better than this. Huge thanks again, love and light".  Maria Shovelton Jones (Wales)

" I can't believe what I saw, it was truely amazing. It is not every day you see something as good as that!" Rob Reel, Carry On Forever

"The image you have sent me is magnificent" What a Carry On

"I really enjoyed your work" George, Cult TV

"I think the portrait is amazing and you've done a really good job. You've made the characters as lifelike as possible when it comes to drawing them, and I'm really impressed with your work" Russell Saunders,

"They are great portraits, the best I have come across by far!" Michael, Little Britain fans

"The prints are really superb, well done, I'm sure they will prove very popular". Comedy Dave, Whispers From Walmington

"Wow they are really good, your clearly very dedicated and highly skillful, I'm very impressed." Mark, British Sitcom Guide Editor

"The Carry On print arrived safe and sound, I think its fantastic, its even better in the flesh. I am going to get a nice frame for it and hang it up". Bridie

"You are a genuinely gifted artist and its a pleasure to have your work in our house and at the shop. Well done and thanks again. Every time I look at it I see something that is more interesting and the likeness is uncanny." Ian Knight, Knight Pet Supplies