Steve Lilly
portrait artist

Stevelilart Portrait Artist
 Talking Pictures TV Official Artist              Dad's Army Museum Artist In Residence

Comedy Classics

Please contact me if you wish to enquire about any of the works listed below:

Allo, Allo! 778mm x 509mm Framed £1200.00

Are You Being Served? 780mm x 580mm Framed £950.00

Arthur Shelby SOLD

David Bowie/I never did anything out of the blue Framed £500.00

David Bowie / Aladdin Sane SOLD

Bela Lugosi / Count Dracula 710mm x 533mm Framed £500.00

Boris Karloff / Frankenstein's Monster SOLD

Carry On SOLD

Charlie Chaplin SOLD

Christopher Lee / Count Dracula SOLD

Dad's Army SOLD

Dad's Army 50th Anniversary SOLD

David Tennant / the Doctor Framed £190.00

Dean Martin SOLD

Del Boy SOLD

Dwight Frye / Fritz 710mm x 555mm Framed £500.00

Fawlty Towers SOLD

Godfrey SOLD

Hi, De, Hi! 780mm x 580mm Framed £750.00

Iggy Pop A3 image size, framed SOLD

Jack Nicholson / The Shining 282mm x 300mm Framed £100.00

James Finlayson 480mm x 580mm Framed SOLD

Ken Dodd SOLD

Klaus Kinski / Nosferatu SOLD

Kurt Cobain framed  £110.00

Laurel and Hardy SOLD 

Laurel and Hardy/Fresh Fish SOLD 

Little Britain 800mm x 625mm Framed £650.00

Morecambe and Wise Framed £650.00

Morrissey SOLD

Norman Wisdom SOLD

Only Fools and Horses 774mm x 592mm Framed £950.00

On The Buses 705mm x 562mm Framed £850.00

Open All Hours 705mm x 562mm Framed £750.00

Ostrich SOLD

Peter Cushing SOLD

Polly Shelby SOLD

Pondering Chimp SOLD 

Porridge Framed £1250.00

Randy Rhoads 400mm x 280mm un-framed £230.00

Rodney Trotter 532mm x 405mm Framed £150.00

Steptoe and Son 740mm x 585mm Framed £700.00

Sumatran Tiger £500.00

Tawny Owl A3 image size, mounted £200.00

The Two Ronnies 740mm x 585mm Framed £650.00

Thomas Shelby SOLD

Tommy Cooper 495mm x 607mm Framed £240.00

Tony Hancock #1 495mm x 607mm Framed £240.00

Tony Hancock #2 SOLD

Trigger 495mm x 607mm Framed £220.00