Steve Lilly
portrait artist

Steve Lilly Portrait Artist 

Comedy Classics

Please contact me if you wish to enquire about any of the works listed below:

Allo, Allo! 778mm x 509mm Framed £1200.00

Are You Being Served? 780mm x 580mm Framed £950.00

Arthur Shelby SOLD

David Bowie/I never did anything out of the blue Framed SOLD

David Bowie / Ziggy played guitar framed £500.00

Bela Lugosi / Count Dracula 710mm x 533mm Framed £500.00

Boris Karloff / Frankenstein's Monster SOLD

Carry On SOLD

Charlie Chaplin SOLD

Christopher Lee / Count Dracula SOLD

Dad's Army SOLD

Dad's Army 50th Anniversary SOLD

David Tennant / the Doctor Framed £190.00

Dean Martin SOLD

Del Boy SOLD

Dwight Frye / Fritz 710mm x 555mm Framed £500.00

Fawlty Towers SOLD

Godfrey SOLD

Hi, De, Hi! 780mm x 580mm Framed £750.00

Iggy Pop A3 image size, framed SOLD

Jack Nicholson / The Shining 282mm x 300mm Framed £100.00

James Finlayson 480mm x 580mm Framed SOLD

Ken Dodd SOLD

Klaus Kinski / Nosferatu SOLD

Kurt Cobain framed  £110.00

Laurel and Hardy SOLD

Little Britain 800mm x 625mm Framed £650.00

Morecambe and Wise Framed £650.00

Norman Wisdom SOLD

Only Fools and Horses 774mm x 592mm Framed £950.00

On The Buses 705mm x 562mm Framed £850.00

Open All Hours 705mm x 562mm Framed £750.00

Ostrich SOLD

Peter Cushing SOLD

Polly Shelby SOLD

Pondering Chimp SOLD

Porridge Framed £1250.00

Rodney Trotter 532mm x 405mm Framed £150.00

Steptoe and Son 740mm x 585mm Framed £700.00

Sumatran Tiger £500.00

Tawny Owl A3 image size, mounted £200.00

The Two Ronnies 740mm x 585mm Framed £650.00

Thomas Shelby SOLD

Tommy Cooper 495mm x 607mm Framed £240.00

Tony Hancock #1 495mm x 607mm Framed £240.00

Tony Hancock #2 SOLD

Trigger 495mm x 607mm Framed £220.00