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Remembering the classic comedy ON THE BUSES. The episodes, the films, the cast, the era. Home of ON THE BUSES OFFICAL FAN CLUB now in our 12th year

Written by Craig Walker

Cover artwork created by Steve Lilly

Published by Troubador Publishing Ltd.

An A-Z of On The Buses is a book that will appeal to fans of all generations of the smash hit sitcom. It contains a wide range of entries consisting of mini-biographies of every actor, actress and crew member credited with working on the comedy on the small and big screen, anecdotes from some and rare interviews with the late Bob Grant. Also information on the buses used and what became of them, the studios and production companies involved as well as character biographies. A range of photos also found throughout the book captures the flavour of the subject matter very well. If you grew up watching the original screenings of On The Buses prepare for a nostalgic trip down memory lane or if you were brought up on repeats that run to the present day then learn about some of the references that you may not have understood. An A-Z of On The Buses is a book for all ages to last for all-time.

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To mark the launch of Craig Walker's book 'An A-Z of On The Buses' two limited edition prints depicting the cover artwork are now available from either Craig's webstore: or my own Stevelilart webstore on this site

Are you a fan of On The Buses? Can you recall the many memorable characters who helped to turn the series into one of the best-loved British sitcoms of all time? Do you miss the uncensored humour and risqué scripts of television past? If so, The On The Buses Quiz Book is certain to appeal to you.
If you enjoyed the hilarious antics of Stan Butler (Reg Varney) and his family or Jack Harper (Bob Grant) and the long-suffering Inspector Blake (Stephen Lewis), take a trip down memory lane and find out how many of the 1,000 questions you can answer in this exciting new quiz book. With sections on the iconic characters, actors, writers, directors, producers and locations, this book covers the whole 'On The Buses' journey from inception through to the three spin-off feature films and follow-on series Don’t Drink The Water.
This book is for anyone who remembers On The Buses and would like to find out more about one of the most popular sitcoms ever to appear on British TV.

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