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Saps at Sea Tent  Southend, contact: Roger Robinson

Laughing Gravy Tent  Birmingham, contact: John Ullah

Bowler Dessert   Online publication, contact: Willie McIntyre

Laurel and Hardy Museum Ulverston, contact:

The late Bill Cubin was a remarkable man. He dedicated his life to promoting Laurel and Hardy and went out of his way to ensure that other people could also continue to enjoy their comedy. His achievements were many and included:-

 Creating the world’s first Laurel and Hardy Museum in Ulverston
 Hosting the first Laurel & Hardy Convention in the world
 Unveiled a plaque on Stan Laurel’s birthplace in Ulverston
 The first UK fan to attend an International L & H Convention in America
 Inspired the idea of having a Laurel & Hardy statue in Ulverston

He loved Ulverston and was so proud that Stan Laurel was born in the town in which he served as a Councillor and Mayor (twice). He was a lovely man with a heart of gold and a great sense of humour. Needless to say Laurel and Hardy were never very far away from anything that he did.

‘UlverSTAN – Laurel & Hardy Forever – the Bill Cubin Story’ reflects all of this in 100 pages A4 size paperback with over 200 photos and illustrations. Jeffrey Holland (Hi-de-Hi!) has written the Foreword and there are contributions from many Sons of the Desert including Willie McIntyre, John Ullah, Rob Lewis, Eric Woods, Irv Hyatt, Dwain Smith, Bram Reijhoudt and Hans van Terheijden as well as statue sculptor, Graham Ibbeson. The book has been written with the approval and great assistance of Bill’s family, Lucy Cubin, Marion Grave and Mark & Daniel Greenhow.


100 copies will be sold by the author (to cover printing costs) and 200 copies and subsequent re-prints will be sold thereafter at the Laurel & Hardy Museum and locally in Ulverston

Cost is £10 (signed & dedicated by author if requested) + P& P {UK £2.50, Europe £6, USA £10}

Cheques payable to Roger Robinson, 115 Neil Armstrong Way, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, SS9 5UE 
01702 526187 Please E-Mail for details of PAYPAL payments

THANK YOU for your support for this project .

 Roger Robinson


Another Fine Fest

A new festival of music, comedy, street theatre and art, in celebration of Ulverston town and the birth of its most famous son, Stan Laurel ---  Click for more details of this event




Saturday 14th JUNE

The Laurel and Hardy museum has teamed up with the Beggar's Theatre and Cumbria Culture to organise Another Fine Fest, to celebrate the birth of Ulverston’s most famous son Stan Laurel. A full day of events is planned, with live comedy, theatre and performers in the streets all day. Workshops, plays and performances in the museum all free for kids and adults. Free entry to the museum too. The pubs will have music, poetry, comedy; the shops are choosing their favourite joke (L&H or otherwise) to display in the window and will be joining in by wearing bowler hats and bow ties. We’re installing a stage outside the museum with more free entertainment for everyone to enjoy.

Personally, I've been allocated a prime spot in the museum to sell my wears along with the promise of as much tea and cake as I can consume...winner!

Finally, a festival needs a headline act, and we’re proud to announce that ours will be the fantastic uring and PAUL MERTON and Chums. Paul needs no introduction, he’s been on our screens for many years. He’s a silent comedy fan too, a knowledgeable one at that, topresenting shows about Chaplin, Keaton, Lloyd and of course Laurel & Hardy. Paul will be bringing his Impro Chums to the Roxy cinema in a show that harks back to Whose Line is it Anyway, taking ideas from the audience to build a truly unique show.




   Perry Winkle JAN/FEB/MAR 2013



                                                                              James Finlayson artwork

 Laurel and Hardy 2012 UK Convention in Birmingham         



Roger Robinson & Dave Simpson, New England Convention 2012          Ethel, New England Convention 2012        


Solingen, Germany 2012 Two Tars Silver Jubilee                 The Laurel & Hardy Bar in the Netherlands coastal town of Zandvoort 2012

80 Sons from Germany, Belgium, Holland and England decended on Solingen, Germany for the Two Tars Silver Jubilee in September 2012. Apparently Stan and Ollie are known as Dick and Dorf in Germany!

 Southend Library 1st December 2012


LAUREL AND HARDY                                                                           12th June 2011, Laurel and Hardy Convention, Rolduc Holland  

Aug 2011 Sap's At Sea Tent meeting                                               Solingen, Germany, 2011 at the Laurel and Hardy Museum

  Jeffery Holland and Judy Buxton unveil the new Saps banner




The Saps At Sea Tent, the Southend branch of the Sons of the Desert (the Laurel and Hardy Appreciation Society), were proud to launch their new banner on Sunday 10th April 2011. Instead of their normal monthly meeting featuring classic and rare film and clips of the comedy duo, the Saps had arranged a rather special meeting to honour the memory of Norman Wisdom. Norman was starting his career in the 1950’s and when Laurel & Hardy were touring in the ,UK they saw him performing on several occasions and were very impressed with the young comedian. The special guests at the fun evening in Southend, were Jacqueline Wisdom (Norman’s daughter), Steve Evans (his chauffeur), Michael Leader (from EastEnders) and husband and wife stars on stage and TV Jeffrey Holland (Spike from Hi-De-Hi) and Judy Buxton (Dennis Waterman's wife in "On The Up). The star-studded guests attracted a full house of 90 and the fun evening raised £400 for Abbotswood Nursing Home on the Isle of Man, where Norman spent his last few years.



  Laurel and Hardy and Norman Wisdom   Judy Buxton & Jeffrey Holland with the new Saps banner



How appropriate it was that the wonderful new Saps At Sea banner was unveiled and displayed at this special gathering. The wonderful caricature drawing by Steve Lilly really captures the spirit of the slapstick humour of Laurel and Hardy. Norman Wisdom created equal unintentional havoc in his films and sketches. Real comedy is an art and it is fitting that an artist with the skill of Steve Lilly has linked up with the Saps At Sea to help them display their heroes on the new Tent banner.

                                                                                                Roger Robinson, Saps at Sea



This is More Than I can Stand

"This Is More Than I Can Stand" is a detailed biography of Charlie Hall, a little known man from Birmingham who worked with some of the biggest stars of the silver screen. Charlie was born into a working class family in the Ward End district of Birmingham, in 1899. In 1920 he left England to start a new life in New York. Incredibly, within a few years he had moved to Hollywood, and was appearing in films with some of the greatest silent comedy stars of all time. How did this come about? And why did Charlie find himself working back in a factory in Birmingham in 1938? These and many other questions will be answered in this new book about the life of Charlie Hall. The book contains interviews with family and friends who knew him and remember meeting him when he returned to Birmingham in the late '30s. Plus some of Charlie's personal letters, written at this time, giving a unique insight into his thoughts, his memories and what it was like to work with Laurel and Hardy. From humble beginnings, Charlie experienced the early movie industry, the birth of the talkies, and the advent of television. Not bad for a lad from Ward End.

Foreword by Roger Robinson.

Published by Brewin Books, March 2012.

208 pages, 240mm x 168mm, softcover.

ISBN-10: 1858584833; ISBN-13: 978-1858584836.

Price £14.95.

Available from Amazon and all good book shops. Or email John Ullah at