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DAD'S ARMY                                                                   GODFREY


WARDEN HODGES                               CORPORAL JONES            

Hodges and Jones are Dad's Army Museum exclusives, more details regarding merchandising will be posted here when finalised.

Dad's Army Museum Merchandise


I'm so very proud to announce that the Dad's Army Museum stock a range of exclusive merchandise based on my artwork. The commissioned artwork is of Corporal Jones, Jones's van and Warden Hodges. These pieces are exclusive to the museum and can be bought nowhere else. The Museum's website and online shop has had a major revamp and is due to go live any day now, I'll add details as soon as I know more. 

(I still hold all rights to my Dad's Army and Godfrey artwork so it's business as usual with these, in fact Godfrey is available for the first time as a limited edition print). 



Photo: The Dad's Army Musuem in Thetford. has got 2 new T-shirt designs 'They don't like it up 'em' and 'I'm a Ruddy Hooligan'.
which has only came in this week.
Design courtesy of Steve Lilly and Andy Taylor of Two Marketing and can be purchased at just £15 each.
They are going to be selling like hot cakes for Christmas pressies and Other Special Occaisons............ Corporal Jones, Warden Hodges


Two great new designs based on artwork created by Steve Lilly

Colours as shown.

Sizes small,medium.large,extra large & 2 extra large

Cost £17.50 to include UK Postage.


Dad's Army Museum online shop link

Jones Van Day at the Museum 2012




Dad's Army Quiz Book



    Do you remember the popular 1970s’ British comedy series, Dad’s Army? Can you recall the unforgettable characters who made audiences across the UK laugh out loud with their antics in the Home Guard? Is it one of your favourite TV shows from years gone past? If so, you won’t want to be without The Dad’s Army Quiz ...Book.
    Can you name the duo who created and wrote the series? Do you know which character in Dad’s Army was the town greengrocer or what cap badges the platoon wore? The answers can all be found inside this exciting new book.
    With 300 questions on the characters, actors, writers, locations and plots this book will take you on a trip down memory lane as you find yourself reliving all those memorable moments from Dad’s Army. Covering all aspects of the TV series from the beginning right through to the final episode, including the film, this book will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about Dad’s Army and is a must have for fans of the series.