Steve Lilly
portrait artist

Stevelilart Portrait Artist
 Talking Pictures TV Official Artist              Dad's Army Museum Artist In Residence


To create local habitat and history, through photography, artwork and community action, that commemorates the important role green spaces have played in people’s lives across the city of Birmingham during the covid-19 epidemic.


Little did we know, as we prepared to launch this project, in its original format that such a dark shadow would be cast over the world in 2020.

It’s hard to find light, when so many families have been affected by the covid-19 epidemic, but hope can lead the way. We have therefore revised the format of this project to provide a source of light and add to the community spirit that has risen across the city during lock-down.

It is now well-documented as to how vital green spaces have been to people during such a challenging time. This project aims to commemorate their important role.

Science tells us that, unless we all reconnect with nature and halt its destruction, pandemics like covid-19 will rise more often. This project aims to connect more people with the rest of nature for their happiness, health and wellbeing. 

Art4Nature mission statement
Buzzard artwork by Steve Lilly
Kestrel artwork by Steve Lilly